Educational Activities

The Tangkou Community Project and TK-SPACE warmly welcomes schools and universities to bring lively and enthusiastic young people from all over the world to a classical rural Chinese village in Southern China, to have an enriching educational experience and understand and appreciate the attractive and creative features of a non-urban lifestyle.

By visiting the TK-SPACE and getting involved in its many fun activities, children and students from diverse backgrounds will be able to explore new thoughts, skills and talents in many areas, including:

  • Participate in farming, harvesting, traditional food preservation and other community work.
  • Cycle or hike along the Guangdong Greenway focusing on the scenery, nature and environmental awareness.
  • Visit and learn about the nearby sites of historical interest such as the four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kaiping.
  • Visit local enterprises such as a local chocolate and traditional soy sauce factory
  • Understand and appreciate the local arts and crafts and traditional folk activities
  • Listen to and discuss presentations on subjects such as architecture, world heritage, conservation, preservation, rice growing and overseas Chinese history.
  • Interact with local daily life and culture and listen to local stories told by the villagers under the banyan tree
  • Participate in English language classes and learn outdoor team building skills