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News Articles referencing Tangkou

Article 1:

Macau Lifestyle: 10 January 2018

“Rural weekend escape to Tangkou..”

The TK-Space is home to the team responsible for returning Tangkou to its former glory, with views of the surrounding villages from the rooftop, bikes to explore the area, and tour guides to answer every question on the village’s intriguing history.

The hostel is a modern renovation of an old post office and two factories, with minimal industrial decor juxtaposing the rice paddies, woodlands and lotus ponds which surround it. Not your typical hostel, both the dorms and private rooms available to stay in have crisp white sheets, a stone bathroom, and hot showers. Home cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided—traditional Cantonese cuisine made from local organic produce—set beautifully in the courtyard and able to be taken to the roof terrace, in a private dining room, or next to a cozy log bonfire out in the back……

Article 3:

Arhitekta : September 2021.

With this encouragement Rocky moved on to start a Community Project in nearby Tangkou village in Kaiping. The area is rich in diaolous, set in beautiful natural landscapes but the industry and the local government had moved out leaving it sad and decaying. The old wooden piers, once used by fishing boats were abandoned and the population was aging and reducing. 

The frst element for community engagement was the adaptive re-use of an old post ofce transforming it into a hostel and meeting centre. With successful implementation of this, the opportunity arose to extend this revitalisation and adaptive re- use concept to an abandoned watch factory built in the 1980s and a derelict, communal, metal lampshade factory dating from the 1960s. The former factories provide a pleasing combination of air conditioned indoor spaces, open protected indoor areas and outdoor recreation areas. 

The main funds came from Rocky himself and factories in Dongguan who contributed with building materials. Precisely for this reason, Concept and Design had to be flexible and versatile to best support the skills of voluntary workers and the free material provided by the factories but, at the same time, it was necessary to affirm and support the founding values of restoration, guarantee the essential qualities of the project and highlight the hospitality standards levels….

Article 2:

That’s China: 11 August 2019

Describing a nearby village: “It’s called Canada Village because most of the original inhabitants left the area for Canada,” Rocky Deng, a hotel, art space and restaurant proprietor in the town of Tangkou, tells us over a late-night beer on our most recent visit. “The whole village is empty, maybe only one or two families still live there and there might be a security guard on-site – but that’s it.”

Deng, who had previously lived in both Hong Kong and Vietnam before moving to Kaiping in 2010, adds that there are lots of beautiful – albeit decaying – old residences left behind by their inhabitants in the 1960s and ’70s, when many people left the area for the lights of the big cities on the Pearl River Delta or the promise of a new life overseas. Deng, whose parents are originally from Huadu in Guangzhou, first visited the area in 2004 and opened his hostel slash art space slash restaurant – known as Tk-Space – in 2016….