Outdoor Activities


The Tangkou Community Project lies in the heart of rural Kaiping and is connected to many of Guangdong’s attractive Greenway’s. These are walking or cycle paths that pass through traditional villages with their “diaolou” fortress watchtowers, temples and ancestral halls. The paths cross fields, rural riverways and many are inaccessible by car. They are perfect for scenic and leisurely cycling and are a great way to take in the many historical sites and fun activities that are dotted around the local area.

The TK-SPACE has a range of mountain bikes that visitors can freely use, including ones with attached seats for young children, meaning families of any age can easily explore the beautiful scenery together. Our team has created maps of cycle routes with ranging lengths and difficulties, which you can pick and choose to best suit your needs. Tour guides are also available if needed.


The Tangkou Community Project is set in beautiful countryside, among the rice paddies, lotus ponds and woodlands on the Guangdong Greenway. These scenic tracks or paths are inaccessible by cars and therefore offer the perfect trails for hiking.

Most of the nearby hiking trails are fairly flat, but if you wish to do some climbing, some beautiful hills can be accessed by cycling or taking a short car ride to the base.

Our team at the TK-SPACE can offer advice on hiking trails with a range of lengths and difficulties, to best suit your needs. Tour guides are also available if needed.

Historical Sites and Museums

The Tangkou Community Project is blessed being in the vicinity of many traditional villages with historical sites including mansions, defensive watchtower structures known as diaolou’s, temples, ancestral halls and five large circular buildings which formed a national granary where rice was stored before distribution. The area forms part of the ancestral hometown of many overseas Chinese. It is close to the four Kaiping UNESCO World Heritage sites of Zili, San Men Lei, Ma Jiang Lung and Jin Jiang Li. It is a pleasant cycle ride from Li Gardens (see more in our “Nearby Attractions” section).

These historical sites are made up of diverse architectural styles, Kaiping is also home to some interesting museums that help to reinforce the history and stories that came from this unique region of China. Our team at the TK-SPACE can arrange trips and guided tours to all of these areas of interest or give advice so you can explore the various sites and museums by yourselves.